with your website.

Your website is the online headquarters of your company and the centre of your entire digital marketing strategy. That’s a pretty tough job, and your site won’t be up to the task if it’s left to fend for itself. It needs to be maintained, strengthened, and optimized as time goes on. This is why we developed CAYK Care. It’s a range of subscription plans that guarantee your marketing website has dependable support, and robust maintenance, all tailored to traits of your business.

CAYK Care Plans

CAYK CARE Wordpress Basic Plan The Essentials Plan
Standard Plan
Standard Plus+ Premium Plan
Services $199 $279 $399 $499 $599
Monthly CAYK CARE Report (PDF)
Client Request Time For Design, Maintenance, Support & Upkeep
- 1 Hour** 2 Hours** 3 Hours** 4 Hours**
Incremental Backups
Weekly Weekly Daily Daily Daily
Security Scanning
Weekly Daily Daily Daily Daily
Performance Audit
Monthly Monthly Monthly Weekly Daily
Uptime Monitoring
30 Min. 30 Min. 10 Min. 5 Min. 1 Min.
High Priority Support (1 Business Day Response Time)
Monthly Core WordPress Updates
Monthly Plugin Updates
Optional Weekly Automated Analytics Reports
Secure SSL Certificate Purchase and Installation Included
Broken Link Monitor
Call Tracking of All Phone Calls from the Website. Optional Call Recording
Daily Cloud Backups to Third Party Data Center
Security Monitoring with Web Application Firewall
Malware Response, Investigation, & Repair
Country Blocking of Know Spam & Hacker Source Countries

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